Make your community-server even better!

Stop using ten or more different discord-bot and replace them with one bot - your bot.

But what is SCNX?

SCNX is a programm for community discords consisting of a lot of features designed to improve both community- and staff-experience.


Create your very own Discord-Bot - for free

With SCNX you can create & host your own Discord-Bot - 100% configurable and for free

Customizable Profile-Picture, Bot-Name and messages

More than 30 different modules available

Send embeds and messages as your bot and add self-role-elements

Free hosting with branding / Branding-Free-Version available for paying customers


Manage Support-Request efficiently with your own Modmail

More features and easier usage compared to public modmail bots

Customizable Profile-Picture, Bot-Name and messages

Custom snippets

Ticket-Topics, Support-Feedback & Ticket-Claiming

Message-Replies, -Edits and -Deletions supported (team & users)


Backup your server's data

Protect your server against grievers and restore your progress if something goes wrong

Save roles, channels, settings

Save & restore messages

Automatic Backups

Export backups


Easily create, manage and configure your Bot in our Dashboard

Our dashboard - - was built to ensure easy usage and works on all devices with a supported browser - no installation required

Works on all devices with a supported browsers
Efficient, responsive and easy to use
Installable (as PWA) on supported devices, but not required
Available in 2 different languages - with more coming soon
Maintained and updated frequently
Screenshot of the SCNX Dashboard


Why you should host your bot at SCNX

Efficient software & hosting

Each bot has an assigned RAM value and is built to be as efficient as possible.

Distributed infrastructure

We have 6 different servers across Germany hosting over a thousand bots.

Trusted by more than a thousand communities

SCNX has been in business for 2 years hosting thousands of bots reliably for thousands of communities

High uptime

Hosted bots almost have an up-time of 100% and we are doing our best to keep this that way.

Established providers

Every one of our potential hosters need to fulfill strict requirements in points of reliability, safety and privacy.

Bot-configuration & -data backed up

Even if one of our bot-hosts fail we are able to restore your bot's data & configuration to a full extend.