Protect your Discord against data-loss

Grievers, accidental deletions or other things could easily delete your hard work - with SCNX you can backup messages, channels, bans, roles and more easily

Messages included

Messages are backuped in addition to channels, roles & more

Automatically create backups

SCNX can automatically create up to two backups per day (plan required)

What is included in a SCNX Backup?

It's pretty bad to loose all data. We do our best to backup as many information as we can to allow you easy restoration of your most important work

10-50 Messages / Channel, depending on Plan

SCNX Dashboard

Create backups automatically or manually in your SCNX Dashboard

Backups can either be created manually in your SCNX Dashboard of, if you have the plan Active guild or higher, automatically up to 2 times a day

Easily manage backups in your dashboard
Backups can only be restored on your guild by default, unless you specifically allow other servers
Backup-Content is only stored encryptedly in our database
Export backups into machine-readable-files (only with Plan "PRO ")
Automatically create backups (Plan required)
Image showing the Backup-Interface in the SCNX-Dashboard

Pricing for backups

The base-features of backups are free for all SCNX-Servers. We allow servers to upgrade their plan, to profit from other features like automatic-backups, more slots or more saved messages.

Unlock with Starter

2 Backup-Slots available for your server
Manually create and restore backups
Store up to 10 messages / channel / backup

This plan is free, but ad-supported

Unlock with Active guild

Store up to 20 messages / channel / backup
Automatically create 1 / backup(s) per day

This plan is free for guilds meeting our activity-requirements, otherwise only 3.00€ / month.

Unlock with PRO

Store up to 50 messages / channel / backup
Automatically create 2 / backup(s) per day
Export backups in machine-readable-format

This plan only costs 6.00€ / month

SCNX has far more features - compare them all and find what's suitable for you

Backups may not be used to circumvent guild-deletions or community-violations issued by the Discord Trust & Safety Team. If we are suspecting such usage, we may disable your access and delete backups. We'll report violations to Discord. If you are suspecting abuse, please contact [email protected].