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Ultimately customizable, made for Community-Discords and easy to use with setup in seconds.

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The all-in-one-solution for growing communities

Fully customizable Discord-Bot for your community

Create a Discord-Bot for your community on SCNX - you can customize everything: Even the profile and name of the bot.

Message-Editor with Embeds
Regular updates
Fully customizable

Free-Version available for ever, learn more about pricing.

The world's most advanced Discord Modmail-Bot

It's time to manage support-requests on your Discord efficiently with the world's most advanced Modmail-Bot - you can customize everything: Even the profile and name of the bot.

Support-Reviews & Feedback
Open Tickets via Buttons
Forms via Discord-Modals
Opening hours
Regular updates
Fully customizable

Starting at only €3.00 / month, or even cheaper with yearly pricing.


Backup data from your Discord - include messages, channels, roles, emojis, bans, server settings and more. Create backups manually or let SCNX created them automatically.
Currently in beta

Create your very own Vanity URL for your DIscord for free.

Any questions or ever in need of help?

Our friendly staff, verified community helpers and other experienced SCNX users are always available to assist you with your issues - directly on our Discord.

In addition, our extensive documentation is always available - you can solve most problems in a matter of minutes.

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Support available in German and English.

SCNX is used by thousands of communities

SCNX is actively being used on thousands of, mostly German, community servers and users - basically without any marketing. They are loving the customizable and features SCNX offers. You could be next, it's completely free!


Registered users,
4.9K+ active in the last months


Registered servers,
7.6K+ active in the last months


Bots created,
8.7K+ active in the last months


Historical Bot-Hosting Uptime
on 13 different servers

Cheap and fair pricing

Most users never pay a dime to use SCNX on their servers. But hosting thousands of bots for free is expensive. But our cheapest premium plan starts at a price of a coffee, so everyone can afford it.



for ever

Your very own fully-customizable Discord-Bot hosted 24/7, as long you extend your plan every week by watching an ad. Learn more .
and a bunch more features

Active guild


/ server / month

Your own fully-customizable Discord-Bot hosted 24/7
Your own Modmail-Bot hosted 24/7
and a bunch more features



/ server / month

Completely remove SCNX branding
Commercial usage allowed
and a bunch more features


Why you should host your bot at SCNX

Efficient software & hosting

Each bot has an assigned RAM value and is built to be as efficient as possible.

Distributed infrastructure

We have 16 different servers across Germany hosting over a thousand bots.

Trusted by more than a thousand communities

SCNX has been in business for 4 years hosting thousands of bots reliably for thousands of communities.

High uptime

Hosted bots almost have an up-time of 100% and we are doing our best to keep this that way.

Established providers

Every one of our potential hosters need to fulfill strict requirements in points of reliability, safety and privacy.

Bot-configuration & -data backed up

Even if one of our bot-hosts fail we are able to restore your bot's data & configuration to a full extend.

Get started with SCNX today - it's free!

Join the over 5K servers already using SCNX and upgrade your server to the next level!